Why Every Athlete Should Have a Sports Medicine Doctor on Their Team

When most people think of a sports doctor, they think of a doctor who specializes in treating sports injuries  — and it’s true, a sports doctor does treat sports-related injuries. But that’s just one part of what a sports physician does. Sports doctors offer a wide array of treatments and care regimens that can help you perform better and avoid future injuries, too.

As a top-ranked orthopedic doctor in Houston, Texas, Dr. Joshua Harris specializes in sports medicine, offering custom treatment programs for athletes of all levels — pros, amateurs, student-athletes, and weekend warriors, too. Here’s why he deserves a spot on your healthcare team.

Why you need a sports doctor on your team

On average, nearly 9 million kids and adults suffer sports injuries every year in the United States. A large share of those injuries involve the musculoskeletal system (your bones, joints, muscles, and connective tissues). For plenty of athletes, seeking care from a family doctor or pediatrician might be their first thought. But when it comes to treating sports injuries, seeing a sports physician can provide many critical benefits.

Personalized injury care

Every sport puts unique demands on your body. For example, both football and running are intense sports, but each activity puts very different demands on your body. What’s more, those demands can vary based on your age, fitness level, overall health, and other factors. To get the most focused treatment and the fastest and most complete recovery, you need a doctor with a deep understanding of the stresses and strains involved in different sports and how those sports (and related injuries) can affect an individual athlete. 

Sports doctors like Dr. Harris customize your treatment plan based not only on your injury, but also on your age, recovery, return to your sport. Each care plan is carefully customized based on multiple factors with an eye toward your own goals and needs. Plus, Dr. Harris will follow you closely during your recovery to ensure your treatment plan stays focused on those goals, changing your treatment plan as needed to match your progress. 

Preventing future injuries

In addition to providing care for sports-related injuries, Dr. Harris also helps athletes learn how to prevent future injuries from occurring. Whether you’ve had an injury or not, knowing the best methods for both training and active play can help you develop the strength, endurance, and agility you need to balance the demands of your sport so that you can play smarter and safer.

Your prevention plan might involve strengthening exercises, routines to increase your flexibility, special warm-up activities, or “tweaks” to your in-game performance. At Houston Methodist Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Dr. Harris has access to the most advanced equipment and technology, so you can feel confident your care will be based on state-of-the-art techniques and the most up-to-date information. 

Focus on performance — and enjoyment

Whether you're a pro, student-athlete, or weekend warrior, you want to enjoy your sport. Part of that enjoyment comes from knowing you’re using your body with confidence and skill to get the most from your game. That means understanding how your body is responding to the demands you’re placing on it.

Dr. Harris has a deep understanding of sports’ biomechanics — how your body moves and responds during specific activities. By tailoring your care to your unique needs and goals, you can face each game, knowing your body is ready for the challenge and optimized for performance.

Get your game on

No matter what activities you enjoy, you owe it to yourself to do all you can to stay healthy, strong, and flexible. Having a sports medicine doctor on your team is smart to ensure you continue to enjoy your sport and achieve your own personal best.

As a leading sports doctor in Houston, Dr. Harris is skilled in helping athletes of all levels and all ages get the most from their game. To learn more about the benefits of sports medicine and how Dr. Harris can help you improve your game, call the office at 713-244-6395, and schedule a consultation today.

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