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Read about orthopedic surgery, sports medicine and arthroscopy in the news.

1. Improved quadricep strength linked to a better function in women with OA (Healio)

2. How Stem Cells Are Regulated (Stem Cell The Magazine)

3. Health Tip: Understanding Hip Replacement Surgery (Consumer Healthday)

4. Medicine balls: Exercise tools that add fun to fitness (Medical Xpress)

5. Maximal running shoes may increase injury risk to some runners (ScienceDaily)

6. Prolonged Opioid Use Before Knee or Hip Replacement Surgery Increases Risk of Poor Outcomes (Wolters Kluwer)

7. Strong Workout, Stronger Recovery! (ABC)

8. No One-Size-Fits-All for Hydrating During Sports (Health Day)

9. Depressive symptoms associated with disease severity in patients with knee osteoarthritis (Medical Xpress)

10. When Can I Return to Play After an Orthopedic Sports Injury? (US News)

11. Hip dysplasia: When is surgery required? (

12. Improvements seen after reverse PAO for patients with FAI secondary to acetabular retroversion (Healio)

13. Better fix for torn ACLs (Science Daily)

14. Comparable results seen with high- vs low-intensity plyometric exercise after ACL reconstruction (Healio)

15. Platelet-rich plasma injections may lead to improvements in tissue healing (Science Daily)

16. Arthroscopic Treatment of Hip Pain in Adolescent Patients With Borderline Dysplasia of the Hip: Minimum 2-Year Follow-Up (Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery)

17. Preventing long-term complications of an ACL tear (Medical Xpress)

18. Lifelong physical activity increases bone density in men (Science Daily)

19. Hip dysplasia: When is surgery required? (Medical Xpress)

20. Rate of injuries among youth soccer players doubled, new study finds (Science Daily) 

21. Study finds predictors for ACL injury are dissimilar between male and female athletes (Healio)

22. Stem Cell Therapy – Specialized Cells with the Ability to Self-Replicate Could Reform Healthcare! (Bio-ITWorld)

23. Primary hip arthroscopy yields improved patient-reported outcome scores (Healio)

24. Hamstring injuries in baseball may be preventable (Medical Xpress)

25. Wearable neuromuscular device may help reduce ACL injuries in female soccer players (Medical Xpress) 


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