When Hip Surgery Fails: Revision Hip Arthroscopy Can Repair Joint Damage

Your hips are essential joints in your body that allow you to move around. They bear the weight of your body, and when they are damaged due to an injury, or they wear down over time, you can experience significant pain and have difficulty moving.

Hip pain can be serious and debilitating, and in many cases, hip surgery can remedy the problems you are experiencing. However, in a limited number of cases, hip surgery is not successful or creates other problems. 

If your hip surgery has failed, you need a second opinion from an orthopedic hip specialist.  Located in Houston, Texas, Dr. Joshua D. Harris is a highly experienced orthopedist with special expertise in hip joints. Dr. Harris provides revision hip arthroscopy, which can repair the damage and get you moving again.

For such an important procedure as hip surgery, you want to put your trust in a doctor who knows what he is doing. Dr. Harris has extensive experience in revision hip arthroscopy, and he has completed over 1,500 such surgeries throughout his medical career. He knows how to assess your hip issue and treat it, addressing any instability, pain, or other lingering issues you are experiencing. 

Why do hip surgeries fail?

Hip surgeries are becoming much more common, and they can usually be performed with great accuracy, allowing for total recovery. However, this is a complex surgery, and there is a small chance that the surgery may not be successful. It is estimated that approximately 1% of hip surgeries fail

The reasons hip surgeries fail can include: 

Your hip surgery was not successful if you have lingering problems, or if a new issue arises after your surgery. It’s important to get it checked out and treated to prevent the problem from worsening. Whatever the reason for the failure of your hip surgery, revision hip arthroscopy may be able to treat it.

What is revision hip arthroscopy?

Revision hip arthroscopy is a type of minimally-invasive outpatient surgery that is used to diagnose and address problems with the hip joint. This high-tech procedure involves very small incisions for the lowest risk to you and the shortest recovery time. It can be used to closely examine and treat problems that have not been resolved or issues that may have developed as complications of prior surgeries. 

Is revision hip arthroscopy right for me?

Dr. Harris reviews your medical history, the details from your surgery, and listens to you provide details about your symptoms to understand your hip problems fully. In addition to a physical exam, he uses imaging tools such as MRI, X-rays, and CT scans to get an accurate picture of the problem. If he thinks that arthroscopy is the best treatment for you, he will explain the procedure and allow you to get answers to all your questions before proceeding.

The revision hip arthroscopy procedure

To complete the arthroscopy procedure, Dr. Harris makes a series of tiny incisions around your hip joint. He then inserts an arthroscope, a very small fiber-optic camera, into the joint area. By viewing the feed from the camera on a monitor, Dr. Harris can closely examine your hip joint for problems, and treat those problems using the same procedure.

Because it only involves very small cuts, revision hip arthroscopy surgery is much less risky, with significantly reduced chances of complications compared to traditional surgeries. It also has a much faster recovery time, which means you’ll be healed up and moving again much more quickly. 

Hip surgeries can fail for several reasons, but you don’t have to give up on being able to move again and be free of pain. A revision hip arthroscopy may help resolve your hip issues with minimal risk and shorter recovery time.

To set up an appointment with Dr. Harris, call our office or use our online booking system to schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.

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